Quick weeknight dinners

No time to cook Cajun food? This Cajun shrimp & sausage pasta is ready in about 30 minutes & satisfies New Orleans food cravings. 

Spicy cravings? This Szechuan stir fry is fiery. It's ready in 20 minutes & mixed with a simple homemade sauce. 

Stove-top chicken Parmesan is faster than oven-baked. Simply bread, fry, & top chicken cutlets with tomato sauce & mozzarella. 

Then broil it to melt the cheese. This bacon mushroom spinach frittata is great for leftovers the next morning. 

It can be eaten at any time of day with salad, toast, or hash browns. Cheesesteak quesadillas combine two favorites. 

Serve them with rice, beans, salsa, or guacamole for a quick midweek meal. Hawaiian poke bowls are healthy, tasty, & simple to create. 

This 10-minute recipe turns sashimi-grade tuna into spicy shoyu ahi poke. Add spaghetti to your chicken Caesar salad for a quick weeknight meal. 

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