Relational compatibility based on Zodiac Sign 

Other fabulous people are more low-key. They prefer beer over wine and staying in over dining out, and they likely lack social tact. Astrology may explain why some people are ultra-refined and others are modest. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Learn about the six least sophisticated zodiac signs from professional astrologers.

While perfectionist Virgos might appear poised, that's only the case when they're in total control of a situation. The second they aren't, their composed facades fade fast. "As an anxious earth sign, ruled by meticulous Mercury, Virgos are simply unable to play it cool or go with the flow," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.


Cancer's lack of sophistication is a direct result of their sensitive nature. "As highly emotional and reactive people, Cancers are no stranger to dramatically fleeing the scene or bawling publicly when their feelings are hurt," Clare warns. They feel things so deeply that they lose control over their responses.


Aquarians don't go to fancy restaurants or on glamorous vacations. Instead, they'll be at a protest or the library. Clare says, "Aquarians are fixed Air signs, so they're big, deep thinkers and stubborn." This humanitarian sign dislikes corporate events and mingling with the rich and famous.


This water sign can be found painting or escaping the world on the couch. Clare says this doesn't mean Pisceans are crude or inelegant, but they have a unique energy. "Partying with the elite doesn't satisfy their souls." A new artist or reupholstered chair do.


This extrovert sign fits well in a dive bar or a hostel abroad. They love meeting new people but often speak too soon. Clare jokes, "If Geminis could bite their tongue, they'd be higher on the zodiac." They'll tell you their most embarrassing secret and last night's antics.


Like Gemini, Aries' lack of sophistication comes from their behavior, not their tastes. These outwardly aggressive leaders aren't afraid to speak their minds, no matter where they are or who they're with. "Their unabashed attitude towards life can lead to the Aries dinner guest blurting out inappropriate comments and causing quite a stir," Clare warns.


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