Roast chicken made easy

Roasted chicken with garlic, butter, & herbs has crispy exterior & tender meat. 

This home-cooked dish is simple & comforting. We have readers who like to get directly to the recipe & others who want extra information, including kitchen hints. 

We include a skip to recipe button & a clickable table of contents to help navigate this page. 

Whole roasted chickens are adaptable, simple, ideal for a crowd or dinner party, & look good without much labor. 

Whole roast chicken is a tasty, uncomplicated, low-carb supper that everyone likes. 

It's excellent for a dinner party with pork tenderloin or ribeye roast, with a down-home classic flavor. 

It's wonderful with Carrot Top Chimichurri or Roasted Tomato Marinara Sauce. We'll show you how to roast an entire chicken so you may modify it to your tastes. 

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