Secretly Deadly Foods

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Many delectable foods can pose a health risk if you're not attentive. Safe eating requires checking your fridge and pantry for these products.

Each mushroom is unique. Some types of Crimini mushrooms are deadly toxins.


The red fruit's leaves contain Glycoalkaloid, which causes upset stomachs, cramps, and anxiety. Avoid leaves and stems.


Rhubarb leaves cause respiratory problems, seizures, kidney failure, & death.


Peanut allergies are prevalent. Anaphylaxis can cause airway constriction, shock, & loss of consciousness. Know your allergies before eating these babies or their seductive buddy, peanut butter.


Potatoes have poisonous stems & leaves, but poisoning is rare. Green potatoes & potato leaf tea cause most potato-related deaths.


Raw red meat, poultry, shellfish, & eggs can contain salmonella bacteria, which causes gastroenteritis. Salmonella poisoning can cause life-threatening consequences including bacteremia in those with weak immune systems. 

Uncooked meat, eggs

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