Some Discontinued Cookies

In a cookie-lifetime, lover's dozens (or more!) amazing treats arrive & leave for various reasons. 

The company may close, the cookies may not sell well, or the style may change. Heartbreaking! 

Learn which cookies we enjoyed, left, & won't return. Then eat a store-bought cookie. 

It could be your final time eating it. S'mores crackers included a chocolate-marshmallow filling between buttery crackers. 

They returned as a freebie in 2022. Over 43,000 people have signed a petition requesting the restoration of these cheesy cookie bars with strawberry or other fillings. 

Soft shortbread cookies filled with fudge or peanut butter. Many petitions have failed to bring back the Magic. 

These 1980s cookies resembled vanilla Oreos but had smiling faces & vanilla & chocolate fillings. The eerie masks weren't enough to keep them out of lunchboxes. 

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