Some of the Fall Desserts you may like

While everyone enjoys a meal, bake this eye-catching tart. 

The easy Christmas dish requires few ingredients. Lorraine Darocha's handmade dessert is delicious. 

In Mountain City, Tennessee, she tops a homemade pecan crust with cream cheese & pumpkin the day before. 

A few years back, I got these Christmas cookies. I was dieting but couldn't resist. 

Cranberries pair well with chocolate & vanilla chips. This creamy fall dessert features cinnamon-spiced apple slices & an oat-&-walnut crust. 

This rich, nutty pecan pie recipe is one I'm proud to offer. This caramel pecan cheesecake is surprisingly easy to make. 

My pals love these chewy, gooey bars' shortbread-like crust & nutty topping. This delicacy combines two famous Thanksgiving flavors. 

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