South America's Best Street Foods

South America's natural treasures are enough to put it on anyone's bucket list. 

This region has some of the world's top gastronomic destinations. 

South American food combines cultures. Lima combines Asian & Peruvian cuisines. Street delicacies in each country provide fantastic snacks for travelers. 

This list includes empanadas & Brazilian snacks. Empanada is a Spanish meal that's popular throughout Latin America. 

The savory pastry can be baked or fried, but not everywhere. In Colombia, masarepa (corn dough) is packed with garlic, onion, & bell pepper. 

Empanadas are stuffed with meat, olives, or eggs in Argentina. Venezuela, Peru, & Chile serve empanadas. Cevichoco is a popular street snack in Quito. 

The meal is inspired by Peruvian ceviche, where choco (white beans) replaces seafood. Cevichoco is healthful, & customers can add other foods. 

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