Sutter and Yuba counties report first human West Nile cases.

"Our surveillance system still detects viruses. Infection risk is high "The district manager said. "Residents must avoid mosquito bites."

Sutter and Yuba residents should check their yards for water. Landscape irrigation or unseasonable rains can provide mosquito breeding habitats, officials said.

"Avoiding mosquito bites is the best way to prevent West Nile virus," said Dr. Phuong Luu. "We want to remind everyone to wear long pants and long sleeves, especially at dawn and dusk, and mosquito repellent."

Yolo County reported the region's first human case in August. The person was recovering from a July illness, officials said.

Officials say an infected mosquito bite transmits West Nile virus to humans and animals. Infected birds infect mosquitoes.

Use DEET insect repellent. Picaridin, lemon eucalyptus oil, para-menthane-diol, IR3535, 2-undcanone are other repellents. Infants and children 2 months and older can use DEET safely.

WNV-transmitting mosquitoes bite at dawn and dusk. When outside, wear clothing and repellent. Screen doors and windows to keep out mosquitoes. Replace torn or holey screens.

MOSQUITOES LAY EGGS IN STANDING WATER. Drain all standing water on your property, including flower pots, old tyres, rain gutters, and pet bowls. "Mosquito Dunks" or mosquito fish feed on mosquito larvae in standing water like fountains, ponds, etc.

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