Sweater trends that are now outdated in 2022

Yes! It's sweater season! If possible, sweaters are bigger this year. 

Sweaters are everywhere, including a viral sweater & Gigi Hadid's new knitwear collection. 

Sweaters are a year-round favorite, but fashions fluctuate. Hundreds of sweater combinations exist. 

The perfect sweater combines fibers, knit, color, & fit (via The Creative Curator). 

Each year, we watch the runways for a winning mix. Some current sweaters may no longer be trendy, but new ones are on the way. 

This year's sweaters are less flamboyant than previous year's. This fall & winter, we're all about comfort, which means putting away constricting fashion pieces & wearing cozy knitwear. 

Here are five sweater trends we're storing & what we're buying instead. Fitted knits are less popular in 2022 since comfort is crucial. 

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