Tater Tots' Origin

Crispy, bite-size, & delicious, tater tots are a typical side dish or topping for burgers, a best companion to ketchup, & a terrific base for nachos. 

These delectable potatoes come in frozen packs for quick frying & baking. 

Many stages are involved in making them from scratch. 

According to Inspired Taste, handmade tater tots entail peeling, chopping, soaking, pulsing, squeezing, microwaving, combining, rolling, & frying potatoes. 

You can't help but wonder how this procedure was formed. Whothought: "Oops! Yummy! Let's shred, roll, & cook it." 

F. Nephi Grigg said the truth, & we're grateful. F. Nephi Grigg developed the tater tot, according to Deseret News. 

In 1951, he bought a bankrupt company on the border of Idaho & Oregon (thus the name) & wanted to sell fried frozen potatoes instead of frozen corn. 

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