The 6 Best Small Towns to Retire In

Depending on your retirement priorities, you may move. You may have envisioned retiring in a town you visited as a child or in a mountain cabin. Clara Sutton, human resources manager at Healthier Trajectory, says many factors go into the decision-making process.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Alison Meacham, founder of the blog Everything Mouse, says Bar Harbor is a picturesque place to retire. This charming town is known for its preserved architecture, ocean views, and hospitable people.

Dillsboro, North Carolina

"It's near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so as to be expected, it's surrounded by beautiful nature and views, ideal for enjoying the peace and quiet," Jennifer Gregory, founder and CEO of Vegas Food & Fun, explains, adding that the town is a "quiet and charming" option for retirees.

Aspen, Colorado.

"Known for its stunning natural scenery and quiet, upscale town feel, Aspen is the perfect retirement hub," Meacham says. "With plenty of activities and events to keep you busy year-round, this mountain resort town has something for everyone."

Stonewall, Texas

Houses in Stonewall are priced below the national median home value, averaging about $167,900. Annual tax payments in Stonewall are near the statewide average, at $5,243 and $4,945, respectively, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

For those looking to catch up on reading they've been putting off for years, you can set up your beach chair on the white sand of Carmel Beach, Dempsey says. You can also visit one of the town's performing arts venues, viewing a matinée at a local theatre or booking tickets for an after-dinner concert.

Hood River, Oregon

If you're looking for a small-town feel with a slightly larger population, Hood River, Oregon, should be on your list of potential retirement locales. Roughly 8,300 people call this hub home, so it's a nice compromise if you want to make some friends once you've settled in.

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