The 8 Best Dog Breeds If You're a Little Lazy, Vets Say

Limiting your daily duties helps you maintain your laid-back lifestyle. This can be difficult for dog lovers. Even the easiest-to-care-for dogs require a commitment if you're not ready. There are options if you're willing to take on more responsibility. Vets recommend these dog breeds for lazy owners.

Cavaliers aren't very athletic and enjoy short walks. All great for a (slightly) lazy owner!" says Cooper Pet Care's vet. "Cavies are friendly and easy to train. Their small size makes everything easier than a large dog."

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

"These little guys are very active, but they only need 15 minutes per day to be happy and healthy," says vet Melissa M. Brock. They love playing fetch and going on walks with their humans, but they're also happy to hang out at home all day.


"English Bulldogs have short legs, bulky bodies, and a short snout that makes breathing difficult," says Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM, a Florida-based veterinarian and writer for "While this type of dog may have health issues, it's happy to spend most of the day on the couch."

English Bulldog

Holmboe suggests the Bernese Mountain Dog for larger breeds. "They're calm, lazy, and love to nap indoors.""Their large size and long coats require more grooming than smaller breeds," he says. Large dog lovers won't be disappointed.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Basset Hounds are low-maintenance pets with floppy ears and keen senses of smell. Veterans say they're great for families with young children."As short-legged pups, Basset Hounds will happily join you for a brisk walk or play session," says Phillips. "Basset Hounds are affectionate and a great lazy-day companion."

Basset Hound

Dachshunds are a popular, low-maintenance small breed, says Betterpet vet Dwight Alleyne, DVM. "Their short legs mean they can be independent with a few short walks."Even though they bark, Alleyne says this breed is great with kids and a good first dog for anyone.


With their fluffy white coats and friendly demeanor, Bichon Frise is a go-to dog for anyone who appreciates a lively companion. But surprisingly, the breed can also be relatively easy to take care of for a few reasons besides their personality—especially when it comes time to clean up your home.

Bichon Frise

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