The Best House for Your Zodiac Sign

Home is best, as Dorothy said. Your childhood bedroom and first apartment hold sentimental value. First-time homebuying is a major milestone. It's a big, overwhelming decision (and very permanent). Traditional or modern? Cottage-like or Victorian-like? New York City astrologer Lisa Stardust told us how your horoscope can help you choose a house style. Read on to learn the best house for your zodiac sign.

Aries: Contemporary

Aries is the zodiac's ambitious leader. You work hard and tout your success. As a futurist, you should live in a trendy contemporary. "A baller contemporary new-build is the perfect way for Aries to show off," says Stardust. Because these homes have the latest features, you'll get your money's worth.

Taurus: Tudor

Taurus is picky. You're stubborn and hard to persuade. You're a creature of comfort who needs quiet to recharge. "A Tudor is perfect for Taurus because it grounds them," says Stardust. Your love of art and aesthetics draws you to older architecture. These homes combine comfort and whimsy with pitched roofs, half-timbering, and stained glass windows.

Gemini: Split-Level

Geminis are teased for never relaxing. You need a place to rest and reset more than anyone because your mind wanders and your social calendar is always full. As the most flexible and indecisive sign, you need a dual-sided home. Stardust says a split-level will give Gemini room to get into trouble and have fun. You'll have separate areas for your hobbies without a full-sized family home. It's the best of both worlds and the perfect starter home.

Cancer: Farmhouse

You may be the pickiest sign about home styles. A house symbolises your deep desire to create a happy home and care for your family. You're the most emotional sign, so your home must be relaxing. "A farmhouse-style home with a pool or wrap-around porch helps them relax," says Stardust. Since these houses have large plots of land and spacious living rooms, you'll have plenty of room to entertain guests.

Leo: Penthouse Loft

Leo, enjoy life! You love being the centre of attention as the most extroverted sign. You must live in the city, not the suburbs. Stardust says Leo will love a penthouse to display their art and collectibles. This lush space has stunning skyline views and plenty of room for parties. You won't mind neighbours or noises. As a reminder that you're in the thick of things, they'll energise you.

Virgo: Cottage

Virgo, good health, good friends, and a good career will make you happy. You're a perfectionist because of your practical and systematic approach to life, but you wouldn't change it. Your ideal home has lots of nooks and crannies because you're detail-oriented. "A cottage-style home with a few bedrooms allows Virgo to embrace their style," Stardust says. These cute and modest homes have no wasted space, perfect for your laid-back style.

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