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Naturally aloof people may not want canine kisses, just as cuddly types may be offended by some cat breeds' haughtiness or a lizard's lack of affection.

As a lively Aries, you'll need a pet that can keep up with your energy levels. You probably have trouble sitting still–just like a ferret!

Aries - Ferret

A high-energy dog, such as a Border Collie, is another good bet for energetic Aries. You'll have fun trying to wear each other out!

Aries - Border Collie

At the other end of the energy spectrum, Taureans are known for being so laid-back they're almost horizontal! But they also like a little love in their life,

Taurus - Hamster

If you're a Taurus, you probably enjoy doing things at your own pace and taking time to connect with nature and your surroundings. A tortoise could be your perfect pet!

Taurus - Tortoise

Parrot-chatty Gemini Parrots are Geminis' animal ally. Geminis love birds like the African Gray.

Gemini - Parrot



Is the big bird too much for you? Parakeets, like Gemini, have a need for stimulating conversation, and as such, they make excellent pets.

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Gemini - Parakeet

Cancers can be sharp-tongued at times, but they are also nurturing people at heart. To a Cancer, a rescued hedgehog in need of some TLC could make the perfect pet.

Cancer - Hedgehog


Very entertainingly raucous Neither Leos nor chickens enjoy playing second fiddle. Pet chickens can make just as much of a racket as the most flamboyant Leos.

Leo - Chicken

Adho Mukha Svanasana 


Like their gentle owners, Virgo dogs thrive on consistency and order. They won't shed as much as other dog breeds, so they won't bother neat freak Virgos.

Bow pose

Virgo - Greyhound


Alluring aesthetics are important to Libras, but they also value the ability to give and receive affection. 

Sun Salutation

Libra - Rabbit


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