The Breakfast You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Breakfast can be the most exciting meal of the day. Many people reach for yoghurt, granola bars, or nothing in the morning. If breakfast is a chore, look to the stars for suggestions. You can enjoy savoury or sweet treats with your morning coffee. An astrologer reveals the best breakfast for each zodiac sign. Will you have pancakes, bacon, eggs, or huevos rancheros?

Aries, as the first zodiac sign, you have many firsts. You need more time to complete your (figurative) to-do list. You'll need a protein-packed breakfast to stay energised all day. Spice never hurts. Huevos rancheros has eggs, tortillas, and pico de gallo. It's vegetarian, filling, and light.

Aries: Huevos Rancheros

Even if you're a morning person, Taurus, you probably hit snooze a few times. You're not lazy or unambitious; you just like to think things through (no pun intended). Homemade pancakes are delicious. This sweet and indulgent meal is perfect for starting the day slowly with a cup of coffee.

Taurus: Pancakes

Gemini, you're busy. Whether it's work, social life, or a new hobby, you're rarely still. Need a filling, portable breakfast. Next time you're on the go and need a quick snack, grab a toasted bagel and schemer with cream cheese. You'll be out and on with your day quickly.

Gemini: Bagel and Schmear

Breakfast is a lifestyle, Cancer. You're the expert on cosy breakfasts. You're a proud homebody, so you like doing things your way at home. You love nostalgia. Looking for a kid-friendly breakfast? Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and orange juice are a classic breakfast spread. This easy meal will also touch your sentimental side.

Cancer: Bacon and Eggs

Being the focus takes energy. So breakfast feels sacred to you, Leo. You want to start your day with flair and inspiration, whether you're cooking at home or having bottomless mimosas. Avo toast? Idle. You can make this simple dish exciting. You can create a masterpiece with eggs, jalapenos, or smoked salmon.

Leo: Avocado Toast

You're usually up early, packed schedule or not. Why? You're a Virgo, so you keep the same routine no matter what. Some call you the zodiac's perfectionist, but you're consistent. You need a breakfast that's easy to make (and possibly prep ahead of time) but still offers variety. You can show off your aesthetic eye with a photogenic decorative topping on a smoothie bowl.

Virgo: Smoothie Bowl

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