The Bulletproof Diet

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The Bulletproof diet is gaining popularity. The Bulletproof diet was designed in 2014 as a way to lose one pound a day. 

The Bulletproof diet is comparable to the keto & Atkins high-protein, high-fat diets. 

The Bulletproof diet is more restricted, limiting carbohydrates, legumes, & chicken, turkey, & fish. 

Dietitian Ruth Lahmayer Chipps says consumers are often tempted by weight-loss quick-fixes. 

There are no easy ways to reducing weight & keeping it off. Maintaining a healthy weight requires balancing food consumption & activity. 

David Asprey's Bulletproof diet promises quick weight loss. By his mid-20s, Asprey weighed 300 pounds & couldn't drop weight with diets. 

Asprey outlines his weight-loss struggle in "The Bulletproof Diet," his best-selling book.

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