The calmest dog breeds you'll want to bring home

We list low-maintenance, lazy, and apartment-friendly calm dog breeds. Of course, we didn't forget about large dog breeds that, despite their size, love to plop down and sprawl out across your body like a lap dog. These calm dog breeds may enjoy playing fetch with kids or letting someone else fetch a treat.

A cocker spaniel bred to flush and retrieve game birds is happy inside with the family. That's not to say it won't be excited to go for an inquisitive walk or retrieve stuffed toy ducks in the yard, but this sporting breed has the "work hard, play hard" mantra nailed. " Cocker spaniels' tails never stop wagging.

English cocker spaniel

"Whippets love their families, are kid-tolerant, and rarely meet a stranger," says Demling-Riley. That includes winning the hearts of judges at Westminster Dog Show: "Bourbon" and "Whiskey" are siblings who took home best in breed in 2018 and 2019. " Whippets are couch potatoes when properly exercised.


No wonder the Golden Retriever is so popular. They are easygoing, affectionate, playful, and gentle with children, making them a good family dog "Their temperament makes them great service and therapy dogs, and while they can be playful and energetic as puppies, a four-year-old golden retriever who is emotionally and physically satisfied will be calmer than a puppy of the same breed

Golden retriever

"Tibetan Spaniels were bred to hang out with monks, so they bond with their people. Smaller size makes them easier to manage than athletic small dogs "- Natvio That doesn't mean "Tibbies" are lazy. Like most dogs, they play rough. Once they've eaten, they like to sit on your lap or the sofa's back to quietly watch.

Tibetan spaniel

A breed known for heroic rescues is likely calm and collected, but that's not a given, Nativo says. "A well-trained, well-bred, well-socialized adult St. Bernard who gets their physical and emotional needs met will be more calm and relaxed inside." Saint Bernards are patient, peaceful, and gentle. They love working with their owners.

St. Bernard

Your family will have to draw straws to cuddle this smushed-face muzzle. The pug won't play favourites as long as it gets attention. But they're not just selfishly cuddling all day. Calm dog breeds like the pug like to entertain the family with their playful antics. The Pug is a calm, well-adjusted, easy-going family dog, says Demling-Riley.


The nanny dog is a devoted and empathetic fan of your kids. This is great because as a parent, you may not like your kid's behaviour. "Fans of Newfies love their affectionate and good-natured temperament. They're kid-friendly and trainable "demling-riley You might think their size makes them watchdogs, but they tend to guard and protect the kids.


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