The Candle You Should Burn, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has home decor preferences, from houseplants to bright colours. Even with a candle, there are many options. Love candlelight? Home smelling off? Astrologer KJ Atlas helped us decide which candle to buy. Find out which candle scent matches your zodiac sign. Will you be floral or musky?

Aries, you're sizzling! Your fire sign energy gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams. With Mars ruling your energy, you won't stop until you get what you want. "A red candle with a bright, punchy scent will match your energy," says Atlas. Apple-cinnamon scented candles can be used year-round.

Aries: Cinnamon Apple Candle

Taurus, you love luxury, so your home decor tends to be lavish. Your earthiness refines your style. As Venus' sign, you enjoy indulging. Your perfect candle should have rich, dreamy notes. "Mossy, sensual scents" boost energy and are great for the bedroom, says Atlas.

Taurus: Pine Needle Candle

Gemini, you love chaos. As the zodiac's social butterfly, you're never satisfied to stay put. Your dual nature as a twin gives you an open mind. You have preferences and favourites, but you love trying new things.

Gemini: Strawberry Basil Candle

As a water sign, you're comforting. Cancer is the zodiac's nurturer, but you must nurture yourself as well. You treat your home as the ultimate escape, so you need a nostalgic candle that smells like a warm blanket on a rainy day. Atlas recommends a candle scented like fresh laundry for cosy vibes.

Cancer: Fresh Linen Candle

Your fiery zodiac style isn't subtle. You're more than just a showoff, though. You're loyal and give everything you touch energy. Choose a candle scent with the same optimistic and energetic vibe.

Leo: Rose and Orange Blossom Candle

Charming and witty, you thrive in social situations. You embrace change and look on the bright side, unlike other signs. You'll want an indulgent, familiar candle that everyone will love. Atlas suggests "a subtle romantic scent like floral or vanilla" Since you have "style," she suggests a "statement candle."

Libra: Vanilla Bean Candle

You have a refined taste, Scorpio. As a passionate and highly intuitive water sign, you enjoy a candle scent with some boldness and depth. "A Scorpio should light a candle that oozes mystery and sensuality, like a rich and musky tobacco and patchouli candle," says Atlas. "You might want to grab a few more than you think you need to keep every room of the house ambient and sexy," she adds. After all, you are known for being both very sexual and incredibly romantic.

Scorpio: Tobacco and Patchouli Candle

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