The Donut You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Donuts are a treat. Donuts and coffee always go well together. You can't go wrong with glazed, jelly, or Boston cream. More donut shops with over-the-top flavours and fillings are opening. Best Life's resident astrologer matched each zodiac sign with their perfect flavour. Scroll to see which donut to order.

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Aries: Baked Apple Cider Donut

Aries are bright, over-the-top people who love the spotlight. As the first zodiac sign and self-proclaimed leader, you rise early to start the day. You're daring and fun, so you need a unique treat. A baked apple cider donut works well. The cake donut base is hearty enough to keep you full all day, and the cinnamon-sugar topping is sweet and spicy.

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Taurus: Jelly Donut

Taurus symbolises luxury and indulgence, so you love to indulge. You work hard and focus on your goals, but you also enjoy your success. Some may think your stubbornness makes you incapable of change, but you know good when you see (or taste!) it. Jelly donuts are classic and delicious. With so many fillings to try, you'll never run out of ways to have fun.

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Gemini: Donut Holes

Geminis love experimenting. You're curious and eager to learn. While other signs fear change, you embrace it. A bag of donut holes lets you sample multiple flavours without buying a full baker's dozen. These portable pastries are perfect for sharing with friends.

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Cancer: Lemon Blueberry Donut

Cancers are affectionate and reliable. You're an introverted homebody who recharges with your favourite things after a long day. You're less likely to try new things. You prefer to switch things up with a dose of nostalgia. A lemon blueberry donut combines classic and trendy flavours. The old-fashioned sour cream base and blueberry lemon topping bring back childhood memories.

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Leo: Strawberry-Frosted Donut

Leos are feisty and colourful and love the spotlight. Your over-the-top personality, friendly conversational skills, and first-to-dance status attract attention. Strawberry-frosted donuts stand out with their sweet strawberry flavour and colourful sprinkles. You'll love its presentation, and it tastes great, too.

+ + +

Virgo: Chocolate Maple Donut

Nothing can deter you from your goals, Virgo. You prefer a balanced breakfast and stick to a few staples to keep things simple. You value efficiency and practicality, not boredom. When you do indulge in a donut, make it a chocolate maple donut. This seasonal favourite will remind you of autumn and sweater weather, perfect for your birthday.

+ + +

Libra: Devil's Food Cake Donut

Libra, the zodiac's scales, loves sinful donuts. You're a good peacemaker, but you should prioritise yourself more. Why be good if you can't be wild? Grab a devil's food cake donut on your next order. This rich and chocolatey cake donut will satisfy your cravings.

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