The friendliest dog breeds that make great pets

18 friendly dog breeds suitable in your home

Friendly dog breeds are easygoing, love people, and are mild-mannered. Other dogs, people, and animals. The friendliest dogs adapt readily to new homes, making them ideal for first-time dog owners. Every dog has a unique personality, therefore you must work to maintain their happiness.

Golden Retrievers are kind and peaceful, making them great family pets. The Golden is one of the first friendly dog breeds that comes to mind. As a breed, they're regarded for being loyal, big-hearted, and sweet.

1. Golden Retriever

Pugs' cute looks and huge grins make you smile. Mischievous and amiable, these dogs love people, cuddling, and attention. Pugs are playful, happy, and affectionate. They're kind and make great companions.

2. Pug

The loyal Border Collie loves people. Border Collies are known for herding sheep, but they're also devoted family pets. Alert, graceful, and stamina-filled, these cheery canines love meeting new people.

3. Border Collie

Anyone who's watched 101 Dalmatians will appreciate these spotty canines. A faithful and lively Dalmatian. They're sociable and good with youngsters, but cautious of their size and energy. Young youngsters may not like them.


The French Bulldog is a tiny, playful, and affectionate breed (which makes them great for any size home). These friendly dogs are fantastic with kids and strangers. They're fine with other pets, especially if they're socialised as puppies.

6. French Bulldog

Who can resist the Pomeranian's charm? These lovely dogs love the attention they get for their unique appearance. Pomeranians are friendly and interested, so greeting and petting them is easy. They're bright, cheerful, and love making their owners laugh, making them the perfect family pet.

7. Pomeranian

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