The Fruit You Should Eat, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Nothing beats biting into a ripe, sweet, juicy fruit. Fruit, known as nature's candy, is great on yoghurt, in pies, and frozen cocktails. Which fruit will tantalise your taste buds? We consulted the cosmos to find the best zodiac fruit. (And no tomatoes!) Scroll down to see which fruit astrology recommends.

Aries: Bananas

Soar! Another day to conquer the world. As the first zodiac sign, you set trends and lead others. Once you get going, it's hard to stop you. Maybe it's your fire sign energy. You need a portable fruit snack that's high in carbs. Next time you shop, pick up some bananas. These tropical treats are simple and delicious.

Taurus: Peaches

Sweet and sensual, you know good things take time. As an earth sign, you're patient and enjoy the journey. Like the peach, your ideal fruit is stubborn and slow to ripen. Some may avoid this fruit due to its short shelf life, but you know how sweet it can be to wait.

Gemini: Blueberries

Gemini, blueberries are sweet, tart, and full of flavour. You can both thrive in almost any setting. You know how to bring out the best parts of your personality in different situations. Blueberries are good in savoury salads, muffins, and cobblers.

Cancer: Cherries

Your nurturing and kind nature are unmatched, Cancer. But there's more. You're funny and give the best advice of any zodiac sign. Few are lucky enough to experience your hidden side, much like sweet cherries, because you're selective. These expensive, seasonal fruits are worth every bite.

Leo: Passion Fruit

Your ideal fruit is full of passion and flavour, which makes sense given how you live your life. For some, you're an acquired taste, but for others, you're delicious. Passion fruit's tough rind and sweet, juicy centre mimic your tendency to play up drama to protect your inner softie. The real ones know how special you are, Leo.

Virgo: Apples

This refreshing classic isn't made with apples. Virgo, you may be predictable or boring, but why fix what's not broken? There's a reason you keep returning to tried-and-true fruits. An apple is a healthy and reliable on-the-go snack. With so many options, you'll always get what you want (even if you decide to switch it up).

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