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Your style reflects your personality, whether you prefer neutral colours and basic basics or bright colours and funky statement pieces. Hats are an often-overlooked form of self-expression. From chic berets to sporty visors, this accessory has too many styles to count. We asked Best Life's resident astrologer to pair each zodiac sign with the best hat style. Read on for fashion advice.

Aries: Visor

Aries are the leaders of the zodiac, usually having a very active and on-the-go lifestyle. Nobody can compete with your level of dedication and drive. You have a lot you want to accomplish, so sometimes you just need your hair out of your face while you tackle the day ahead.

Taurus: Cloche Hat

Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, Taurus is a bit of a fashionista. But you're not the type to blindly follow the trends; you have a very particular taste and defined sense of self, so your wardrobe is likely full of statement pieces and slightly expensive, well-crafted items.

Gemini: Breton Hat

As the social butterfly and resident trendsetter of the zodiac, you like to make a statement with fashion. You stay abreast of what's trending and often make bold and daring choices in the name of trying something new. You're not afraid to look silly; you just want to have some fun.

Cancer: Sun Hat

Cancers always bring a smile. People are drawn to your down-to-earth vibes, and you reflect that back in your personal style. You have simple, elegant taste, so following trends and changing your look every few years isn't for you. Fun and practical fashion is more important.

Leo: Rhinestone Cowboy Hat

Leos are vibrant, outgoing, and always looking to have a good time. You have a hilarious personality and a uniquely creative side, which is why you always find yourself as the center of attention. You want to stand out from the crowd, and when it comes to your personal style, you're not afraid to look outrageous.

Virgo: Statement Headband

Virgos have impeccable taste. You're hard to impress, and popular opinion doesn't sway you. Purchases must last for years in your wardrobe. And while you might be practical, you're anything but boring. Your keen eye for detail lets you spot fashionable and functional accessories.

Libra: Beret

Libras are the charming extroverts of the zodiac, always looking for people to enjoy life with. And as somewhat of a self-proclaimed fashionista who's also ruled by sensual Venus, you're drawn to soft, sweet, and indulgent aesthetics that feel luxurious and dreamy.

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