Astrologers' most complicated zodiac sign

Everyone is complex. Some sneak and manipulate to get what they want. Others are moody and emotionally unstable. People who struggle with all of these things often can't even understand their own emotions. Astrology can predict these people. Astrologers discuss the most complex zodiac signs, from temperamental to perplexing.


"This fire sign loves to be the center of attention, is very dramatic and proud, and always wants to rule," says Spiritual Discovery astrologer Linda Berry. "They have a big and strong ego and hold steadfast opinions, not appreciating or even allowing input from others."


"Their personality is known to be adaptable and clever, which gives them the ability to lie without breaking a sweat," says Berry. "This is the most shallow and superficial sign of the zodiac, which allows them to improvise and be a totally different person or two-faced."


"As a competitive fire sign, they have strong emotional aggression to succeed and conquer," says Berry. "Like the mythological Ram, which is their glyph symbol, they rarely quit at anything they set their mind to, especially when it involves a position of power."


Pisces is last on the zodiac wheel, and because of that, their personalities include traits from every other sign. "Their main peculiarity is that they can easily put themselves in other people's shoes and show that they understand a person's feelings and actions," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.


This sign has intense, contradictory emotions. "Absurd situations can result," says Alta. "Everyone may tell a male Cancer he's in love with a woman, but he may deny it despite knowing it's true. His emotions need time to surface." Years later, he may realise he loved the woman.


"Known for their'sting of the scorpion,' they have the strength and perseverance to meet any challenge, and they love to keep secrets and spread gossip that will help their cause," says Berry. This trait, combined with their secrecy, makes their next move unpredictable.

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