The Most Patient Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Patient, right? It may be horoscope-related. If you've ever wondered why some people are calmer and more tolerant than others, astrology can help. Learn about the six most patient zodiac signs from professional astrologers.

Scorpios are patient, but in unexpected ways. This intense sign won't rush to get revenge. Scorpios take offence at insults that wouldn't hurt others and like to see retribution, however long it takes, says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.


Libras care what others think and aren't impatient. Libra is "elegant and domestic," says Honigman. Rash or reckless behaviour is against their beliefs. Librans, ruled by Venus, love doing the right thing and won't show anger or impatience, says Honigman.


Aquarians don't see time the way other signs do, which makes them naturally relaxed in situations that would immediately irk others. "Their patience isn't entirely a virtue, it's just part of who they are," Honigman says. "Aquarius is an air sign, and so they're not rooted in the harsh reality of day-to-day life at the best of times," she explains.


Cancers are restrained when caring for friends and family. Honigman says water signs can "empathise with anyone, which makes them patient and accepting" Instead of judging, they'll help you.


Analytical sign is slow. According to Honigman, "slower than the others and more patient. Due to their fastidious nature, they want to be prepared for anything, like "arriving at the airport 5.5 hours before a flight and preparing extra snacks in the freezer in case no one brings anything to the cookout "Describes. Smart people won't expect you to be the same.


Bennet also notes Taurus' stubbornness, which she says allows them to "bide their time" She warns against pushing Taurus. "They have the will and patience to last the distance," she says. Unsteady pace makes Taurus more patient than other signs.


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