The Most Sarcastic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

. It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry at this person's self-deprecating, deadpan, or even harsh statements. If you recognise this, check their star sign. Professional astrologers discuss the most sarcastic zodiac signs, from somewhat sardonic to endlessly facetious.


This sign's extreme career-mindedness and drive often puts their ambitions ahead of who they offend. "Ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of planets, Capricorn specifically uses sarcasm to communicate their genuine anger and frustration, particularly with your work ethic," says Kirsten. They'll be honest and point out your mistakes.


Aquarians' deadpan humour keeps you guessing. "Their delivery is just impeccable—timing, tone, and phrase, they can't be beaten," said famed psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. Aquarius, the most quirky zodiac sign, has "their particular comic strength," she explains. They'll stand up in front of a crowd and express their weird views.


Kirsten calls Virgos "the zodiac's know-it-alls" because they're perfectionists. "These reasonable people researched and found the facts. They'll tell you they know more than their classmates and coworkers." She says they use sarcasm "to punish others for their incompetency" at work.


However, most bluntness isn't malicious. "Sagittarians are always striving to incorporate humour into tough and unpleasant situations," says Kirsten. Their jokes may be funny, but a funeral isn't the right time.


Contrary to Virgos, Geminis are "ruled by the 'day' side of Mercury,'" Barretta points out. As Kirsten notes, Mercury is the planet of opinions and communication, so "Gemini prides themselves on their ability to address issues in a direct, if not antagonistic way."


Astrologers agreed Scorpio is the most caustic sign. Honigman claims that only Scorpio has a sting. ". Mars, the planet of battle, rules them, thus they don't mind being blunt. It's a prank."

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