The Most Superstitious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Avoid sidewalk cracks. Even numbers only for microwave. Game day blue socks. If you know someone with such superstitions, it could be their birthday. Certain horoscopes are more likely to believe their thoughts or actions can change their luck, say astrologers. Find out which zodiac signs are quirky to irrationally fearful. This list is not unlucky.


As author and astrologer Lisa Barretta explains, Virgo's perfectionism is the source of their superstitions, not their type-A personality. "They must fluff their pillows and turn off all lights before leaving. Virgo feels that unless everything is in order, mayhem will enter their life."


Whereas "more grounded and logical signs" will see the world at face value, Clare says Aquarians "appreciate that there is so much more out there than we are led to believe." Therefore, spirituality and superstitions are a natural part of their life.


Unlike Virgos, Libras care more about others. If they didn't say good morning to their coworker, they might feel uneasy. When their scales are off, they focus too much on one side of a story, says Danelle Ferreira, astrology content editor at Svana Design. They believe conspiracies and superstitions because they ignore the truth.


Barretta says Scorpio is intuitive. She says they notice subtleties others miss "Strong minds can manipulate energy. "Don't be surprised if a Scorpio is wearing a hematite bracelet or carrying an energetic crystal if they're feeling emotional "Adds Barretta.


Cancers can control their nervous energy with rituals. Clare says, "They seek comfort and reassurance from superstitions." Barretta "won't pick up a penny unless it's 'heads up' because they fear financial loss."


Barretta agrees, saying Pisces will be the first sign to consult tarot cards, astrologers, and other divination methods. They may have crystals, herbs, sage sticks, and a "speed-dial psychic." Often, they use their creativity as an outlet for this energy, so you can assume much of their art has deeper meaning.

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