The Most Talkative Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Some people just love to talk, which might have something to do with their horoscope. Astrologers say that some signs are more friendly and talkative than others. 

Whether or not they are interesting to listen to or just plain annoying is a different story. Read on to learn about the six most talkative zodiac signs, from those who talk a little bit to those who talk a lot.

6 Taurus

Taureans are more likely to watch and listen than to talk a lot, but all that careful thinking makes them very knowledgeable about almost everything. Emily and Jessica, better known as the Leung Twins, are astrologers who live in Silicon Valley. 

5 Capricorn

Capricorns are known for working hard and getting a lot done. They are so driven that they often tell others to do the same. If you know or work with a Capricorn, they've probably told you over and over again what to do, such as where to buy the best groceries.

4 Aries

Aries are the zodiac's energetic leaders, so they have a lot to say. The Leung Twins say that they are "spontaneous, honest, and open, but also self-centered and stubborn," but they still have an innocent look about them.

3 Sagittarius

Lee says that these signs that have been around a lot are "fun and optimistic" by nature. He also says that they are always looking to make new friends with whom they can talk about their latest adventures.

2 Aquarius

Aquarians love to give long speeches, talk about philosophy, and argue. Marquardt says that Aquarians are "extremely good communicators" because Mercury, the planet of communication, is "at its best" there.

1 Gemini

People are amazed by these social butterflies when they do something crazy. They'll often go on an adventure just for the story, whether it's a vacation or a date. 

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