The Quietest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people can't stop talking and add to every conversation. You probably know friends, coworkers, or family members who prefer to observe before speaking up. Their quietness and knowledge-gathering may be related to astrology. Discover the quietest zodiac sign, from soft-spoken to silent.

Slow-moving Taurus. They're stubborn and opinionated, but don't want to be wrong, so they think before speaking and consider their words and actions. Astrologer Jill Loftis says they don't "use five words when one will do." Because Taurus always listens first, earth signs seem quiet.


Capricorns aren't introverts, but they're picky about who they let in, so they can seem quiet. Earth signs are leaders, organisers, and doers. Capricorns prefer to wait until everything is in order before speaking, says astrologer Emily Newman. They give the facts and may appear harsh and closed off, but they're just trying to communicate.


Virgos like being right and will speak up if challenged. This earth sign is supportive, so they'll keep their thoughts to themselves until they find the right words. "They may be quiet, but they know everything," says Newman. Their quietness isn't shyness.


Cancers are sensitive and take criticism personally. They're sensitive and easily hurt, so it's no surprise they hold grudges. "Cancer isn't sure what you'll say, so they may wait to hear your opinion," says Loftis. You must earn their trust before they'll confide in you.


Pisces are introverted and love escaping reality. Neptune-ruled people are creative and emotional but prefer solitude. Newman says this water sign avoids multiple conversations. "They don't want to share information and like being alone." They'll probably wait to open up until they're comfortable.


The quietest zodiac sign, Scorpios are emotional and know how to get what they want. Loftis says "still waters run deep" describes these people, who are soft-spoken but intelligent and interesting. These people carry things and collect information without others knowing. "They're picking up everything from what you say to your body language," says Loftis. This sign's quietness shouldn't be underestimated.


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