The Scent You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your signature scent is revealing. If you choose something fresh and citrusy, you're probably energetic. You're flirty and romantic if you wear something feminine and floral. Each horoscope sign has a corresponding fragrance. Here, astrology experts reveal the best scent for each zodiac sign.

This bold fire sign should wear spicy fragrances like cinnamon. Anna Kovach, a relationship astrologer, says this scent is perfect for rams. "The scent of this spice may energise and inspire an Aries." Purple lilac is chillier. Lilac calms the nervous system, making it ideal for Aries, a Mars-ruled sign. It may reduce their impatience.



Taurus needs a sophisticated signature scent to match its style. The earth sign should choose natural fragrances, astrology says. "Heliotrope has a soft almond-and-vanilla scent with an earthy edge," says Loftis. Taurus loves sensual food, so this scent grounds them in reality.


The sign of the twins should try a lily of the valley fragrance. Loftis says the fragrance's cheerfulness and youth reflect the Gemini personality. "It's dual, like Gemini. Beautiful and fragrant, the entire plant is poisonous." If lily of the valley isn't their thing, a Gemini should choose a scent with two primary notes.


Cancer loves to nest, so astrologers suggest sugar cookies and cherry vanilla. "The sensitive crab sign seeks comfort and security," says Kovach. This sign is drawn to scents that tempt their appetites and cheer their moody nature. Chocolate, coffee, and caramel are also gourmand scents.


This practical sign likes fresh, natural fragrances. "As a grounded earth sign, Virgos love pine," says Kovach. "They'll enjoy feeling like they walked through a forest" This scent evokes a clean home because it's associated with disinfectants. "It helps them feel grounded and balanced," says Kovach.


Libras need feminine, romantic fragrances, and rose is the most romantic. Kovach says rose helps Libras show their sentimental attraction. "This scent may boost their confidence and empowerment." If a Libra doesn't like rose alone, they can choose a fragrance with it. These fragrances reflect the sign's love of beauty.


A Scorpio's signature scent must be bold. Kovach recommends jasmine. "Scorpio is a sign associated with power, wealth, mystery, and transformation," says Kovach. It's a charismatic sign. Jasmine is a sensual aphrodisiac, like Scorpios. Blends well with florals, sandalwood, and vanilla.

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