The Sport You Should Watch, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sports camaraderie is unmatched among hobbies and pastimes. Watching a game with friends is fun, exciting, and a great way to connect. Fans only have so much time each day. Best Life's resident astrologer (and hockey fanatic) told us which game will get you pumped. Learn which sport your zodiac sign should watch.

Aries, you're ambitious and energetic. Mars rules passion and motivation, so stay active. You like action-packed sports, so football is a good fit. This national pastime combines fun and skill. Football has everything from tailgating to friendly rivalries to the Super Bowl.

Aries: Football

Taureans enjoy leisure, but they're also competitive. Your stubbornness means you're less concerned with what others are doing than with beating your personal record, which is how professional golf is played. You'll like the game's casual pace and long-form play. Golf tournaments are held in beautiful, relaxing landscapes.

Taurus: Golf

Gemini, you're dynamic. Your social circles, hobbies, and to-do list make it hard to focus for long. So, it's only fitting that the most popular zodiac sign is paired with soccer. Strategic plays and heated games are entertaining for quick-thinkers. The fast pace will keep you engaged until the end.

Gemini: Soccer

Sweet, sensitive Cancers. You avoid confrontation because you like peace, but you don't mind friendly competition. Your strength and endurance serve you well in life. So you can support swimming. No-contact, solo and team rounds promote personal growth. This Olympic favourite lets you cheer for the home team every four years.

Cancer: Swimming

Unless you play, you're probably a sports fan. As a fire sign, you love being active and showing off your skills. Basketball is fast-paced and full of show-stopping moments. It requires teamwork to win, but individual players can still take the lead. Attending a game in person is a party.

Leo: Basketball

Virgo, you're reliable, calm, and patient. People always compliment your down-to-earth personality, and you're flexible without compromising your beliefs and morals. Boxing is a great way to relieve stress if you don't have another outlet. It's a fun, challenging sport that requires watching your opponent. Your attention to detail will help you get started.

Virgo: Boxing

You don't take sports too seriously as a Libra. You're too busy attending art gallery openings or movie screenings to play games often. You prefer a sport you can watch alone. Tennis requires mental toughness and dedication. You'll love how quickly these matches can turn, and the legendary rivalries will keep you captivated.

Libra: Tennis

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