The Truth About "Miracle" Health Foods

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Everyday health & fitness advice can be overwhelming. How can we tell what works? Be sceptical of magical foods. 

Apple cider vinegar & other magical health foods are debunked. Learn which to try and which to skip. 

ACV is a popular "wonder food" that purports to enhance energy & relieve diseases. 

Most health claims require more research. Apple cider vinegar's acetic acid may destroy microorganisms, according to some research. 

This makes ACV a natural cleanser. Apple cider vinegar may reduce blood sugar after meals & assist weight loss, according to studies. 

Avocados appear like another miracle meal that can do everything, but are they really that great? Avocados, rich in fibre & healthy fats, may reduce inflammation & lessen cardiovascular disease risk. 

There's limited evidence that eating avocados after a meal can help prevent weight gain. 

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