The Coffee You Should Order According to Your Zodiac Sign

Ever find that your favourite coffee isn't as satisfying as it used to be? Or maybe you want hot coffee instead of iced. Your coffee order can reveal much about you. Others prefer black coffee to sweet, creamy blends. KJ Atlas, host of the Love & Stardust podcast, is a professional astrologer and coffee expert. Read on for coffee recommendations based on your zodiac sign.

Mars, your ruling planet, and your fire sign nature make you confident in your choices and fearless. Why not choose a coffee as sweet and spicy as you, Aries?Atlas says, "You need something hot to match your primal motivation." Choose a hot Mexican Mocha with cayenne and cinnamon.

Aries: Spicy Mexican Mocha

Taurus loves sweets. Earthy and practical, you take the leisurely path and don't need to prove yourself. Taurus, ruled by Venus, drinks coffee to feel grounded.Atlas recommends "indulgent yet traditional." Add rosemary or lavender syrup to your vanilla latte for an earthy twist, she says. Lavender has a calming scent.

Taurus: Lavender Latte

You keep yourself too busy by overbooking your social calendar. You need a caffeinated, smooth, and delicious pick-me-up."You need variety and aren't afraid of a complicated order," says Atlas. "If you like a half-caff grande iced oat milk latte with vanilla or a double shot macchiato, who's to judge? "Try different flavours, temperatures, and caffeine levels to avoid boredom "Atlas suggests

Gemini: Double Shot Macchiato

Cancer likes routine and comfort. You enjoy things that remind you of childhood, old friends, or anything sentimental. As the moon's sign, you absorb others' emotions and intuition. You're empathetic and compassionate, but you need more alone time.

Cancer: Caramel Latte

The zodiac's scene-stealer needs a drink. You set trends with your fire sign energy. A vanilla latte or cold brew won't satisfy your flamboyant tastes. Red velvet frappé with raspberry and chocolate syrups will."Leo loves extras. When asked if you want whipped cream and sprinkles, say yes "Atlas.

Leo: Red Velvet Frappé

People call you a perfectionist, but you prefer to call yourself refined. Virgos prefer tried-and-true favourites and "just so" situations. Smooth, lightly sweetened, and served at the right temperature are the qualities you want in a new coffee."Virgo lacks flair. Medium roast is fine "Atlas. Depending on your mood, add oat milk or drink it black. You'll always choose a local or organic blend.

Virgo: Classic Medium Roast

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