The Worst Dressed According to Zodiac Sign

Some people have impeccable fashion sense, while others get asked "is that what you're wearing?" Today, we're talking about the latter group: those who are mismatched without realising it, rarely invest in their wardrobe, and may have left the house with a shirt stain. This trait may be related to their horoscope. Astrologers discuss the worst-dressed zodiac signs, from mismatched to unfashionable.


Capricorns' outfits may not confuse you, but they may bore you. Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, choose comfort and practicality over the latest fashion trends, says Charlotte Kirsten, founder of astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. Earth tones with a minimalist feel reflect their traditional, serious nature.


If there's one word to describe this sign's fashion sense, it's drab. "Being led by their mind rather than emotions, they often believe that appearance doesn't matter at all," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app. "So, a Virgo may be a mediocre-looking person wearing nondescript clothes."


Cancer's emotional and mental state dictates how they dress, so they may choose to wear a tracksuit to the office, stay in a dressing gown, or layer everything to feel the warmth and comfort of memories. Dressing for yourself is more important than the price tag or designer label.


This sign's duality adds unexpectedness to its outfits. Kirsten says Gemini's quirky, irresistible fun shows in how they dress. Geminis choose bold statements and mish-mashed colours over style and couture.


Saggitarius prefers planning vacations to making outfits. Kirsten says, "The ambitious archer values practicality over looks." As long as their soul is full, they don't care how they look while climbing or rafting.


Dressing up causes problems. This sign wears bright, bold outfits to business meetings and over-layered jewellery to brunch. Alta says this sign can improve by wearing less. They made the saying "always remove one accessory before leaving the house."

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