The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Fall in Love

Romance is odd. Some people fall in love easily, but others struggle to say those three words. Proclaiming love too quickly can be a red flag, but this isn't a love-bombing situation. When someone is slower to dive in, it may be because it's not a priority or past relationships have changed them. Or maybe it's their personality. Astrology can explain why someone isn't ready to move on. From almost open-hearted to sceptics, here are the zodiac signs least likely to fall in love.

Pisces are the most sensitive and intuitive zodiac sign, says celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash. Mutable water signs make great long-term partners. "Getting a Pisces to fall in love with you is easy; keeping their affection takes work." Pisces are less likely to trust again if their heart has been broken too many times.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a romantic and sensual sign. Taurus, a fixed earth sign, won't make the first move in love. Ash says Taurus "will often choose a long courtship" Once a Taurus decides something, it's hard to change. "They're loyal and emotionally steadfast in relationships," says Ash. "The trick is getting them to reveal their romantic side."


Sagittarius placements love loud and big if committed. Ash says this sign is more likely to have multiple love affairs than a soulmate. "Sagittarius can fall in love, but they have trouble focusing all of their sappy, romantic, and passionate energy on one person," says Ash. Sofia Adler, an astrology consultant, agrees: "When things feel stagnant, they move on." How to win Sagittarius's love? "Be flexible, spontaneous, and keep your passport current," she says.


Scorpios are sexual and confident romantics. Magnets, passionate, and loyal. "As a fixed water sign, Scorpios know how to flatter and impress," says Ash. When unappreciated, they can be possessive and jealous. Scorpios take years to feel comfortable showing their darker side to a partner. Translation? Ash: "You must earn their love."


Geminis are charmers known for their duality. They juggle friends, side jobs, hobbies, and possibly lovers. Adler says they find "thrill" in their many partners. Other problems exist. "Geminis need intellectual and verbal stimulation constantly," says Ash. Geminis need to know that a long-term relationship won't become stale or boring. This zodiac sign doesn't like watching movies at home.


Virgos are picky and have high expectations in love, so they're critical of their relationships. They're often their worst enemy. Adler says Virgos hold themselves back from love by focusing on what's wrong. While not "the most vocal about their affection for others," they always show it through service or quality time. Virgos who say "I love you" mean it.


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