The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hold a Grudge

Visualize yourself having a casual conversation with a pal. Until they start complaining about something that happened years ago, everything is fine.

You've probably come across someone who has a hard time letting go, whether in a platonic, romantic, or professional relationship. Their actions may have something to do with their astrological sign. Read on to learn which zodiac signs—from the mildly stubborn to the extremely obstinate.

6 Aries

Aries is a fire sign, so they have a tendency to get angry quickly. Because of their status as the first sign of the zodiac and their penchant for the spotlight, Aries have high standards for the connections they cultivate. 

5 Pisces

Pisces, being sensitive water signs, have a tendency to daydream and exist largely in their own heads. Because of this, they may start to see harmless behaviors as potentially dangerous.

4 Leo

Leos are extremely sensitive individuals who are also quite set in their ways because of their fixed sign. They are extroverted and self-assured, so they think they know best all the time. 

Don't try to correct a Virgo; they are the zodiac's perfectionists and won't accept anything less than their best. They don't harbor resentment like some other indicators do, but they do insist on having their own way.

3 Virgo

2 Scorpio

Scorpio is another water sign, and its intense emotions make it both loyal and quick to cut ties with others. If you have let someone into your life and then betrayed that trust, they will hold a grudge against you no matter how small the betrayal was.

Cancer, like Pisces and Scorpio, is another water sign characterized by strong emotions. As a result, they are known for being exceptionally nurturing, but as the moon rules their sign, they are also the most emotional.

1 Cancer

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