The Zodiac Sign That Makes the Best Host

With the holidays approaching, plan who's hosting what. You should avoid that awkward cousin who serves dry turkey. You'll need an invite from a family friend who has tasty appetisers and fun games. Why do some people make you feel so comfortable? Possibly their horoscope. These zodiac signs are the most hospitable, according to astrologers.

As a fire sign that's "symbolized by the forceful ram," Aries are well known for their "bold and fearless character," notes Clare. They love taking the lead on things, so they'll have no problem "commanding a room of people" and making sure every guest is comfortable.


Expect everything down to the napkins to be meticulously planned and the itinerary to flow perfectly. However, just because this is enjoyable for the guests, doesn't mean it's always so for the host. "Their anxiousness may make hosting a less-than-favorable experience for this sign," Clare points out.


The introverted homebodies of the zodiac are not likely to host a big party with people they're not close with, but "they make the most incredible host for long-term stays," says Danny Santos, astrologer and founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions. They're considered the most nurturing sign and, therefore, will "cook an incredible meal, maintain a clean space, and find meaningful and intimate ways to connect with guests," adds Santos.


Of course, the social butterfly of the zodiac makes it on the list. "As Gemini is constantly making new friends and connections, it's one of the most gifted signs for bringing people together," says Santos. "It's not uncommon for people to meet at a Gemini's get-together and form deep bonds and friendships, or even start dating."


You'll feel like royalty at a Taurus party. Taureans, ruled by Venus, know how to decorate, says Clare. "As lovers of comfort and fine dining, they are the best at providing a mouthwatering spread and a relaxing atmosphere."


"The lion is a child at heart and loves to bring people together to play and celebrate life," says Santos. He notes that they will take any excuse to throw a shindig, whether it's someone's birthday or a regular old Friday night. As Clare points out, "They love to be the life and soul of the party."


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