These 12 yoga poses relieve stress instantly.

When you're stressed, it's difficult to do yoga. If you're overwhelmed and anxious, you may not want to. Never underestimate yoga's power to relieve worries and create calm. 12 yoga poses relieve stress. Even if you don't have time for a full flow, try these yoga poses for stress relief.

Child's Pose is Samora Suber's favourite stress-relieving yoga pose. It "calms your nervous system with'safe and supported' signals," she says. Suber says the pose stretches your legs, hips, and head and neck.

Child's Pose

This simple pose "helps to create an opening of the spine," yoga instructor Maya Breuer, E-RYT 500, vice president of cross-cultural advancement at Yoga Alliance, says. "This movement of the spine removes blockages and strengthens the arms, shoulders, and neck."

Cat Cow Pose

"I love the inner strength and confidence that this pose cultivates, along with the humility and willingness it signifies," yoga therapist and instructor Huma Gruaz, RYT 500, says. "It helps cultivate stillness in my mind and body while improving my stamina, endurance, balance, and concentration."

Warrior 2

Gruaz recommends this pose for stress relief after Warrior 2. Wide-Legged Forward Bend "relieves lower back, cervical spine, and neck tension while gently reversing upper torso and brain blood flow," she says. Inversion "grounds while releasing stress"

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

"Tree Pose is a balance pose that requires focus and brings awareness into the present moment," says yoga instructor Pilin Anice, RYT 500. "This pose anchors the mind in the present and slows racing thoughts while calming, grounding, and stabilising the body."

Tree Pose

Standing Forward Fold relieves stress and tension in the spine, Suber says. "Anytime you allow your head to hang below your heart, you get quick calming benefits to ease tightness and anxiety."

Standing Forward Fold

Legs Up the Wall is a good stress-relieving yoga pose to end your day with, says yoga instructor Vivian Doan, RYT 200, creator of ScolioFitness. "It's a refreshing pose that promotes healthy circulation, provides pain relief, lowers stress and anxiety, and stretches your legs, hips, and back."

Legs Up the Wall

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