This coffee chain is shutting down Nov. 22.

Coffee shops are convenient for grabbing a latte before work. These shops are also places to work, socialise, and hang out. If your favourite coffee shop closes, it's natural to feel sad. Now, a beloved coffee chain has announced it will close all locations—including yours. Which company is closing?

Size is not necessarily a factor when it comes to coffee shop closures, as even Starbucks has been forced to shutter locations. The coffee giant shut down 130 locations in Russia amidst the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, and over the summer, closures abounded in the U.S., too.

Starbucks closed 16 stores at the end of July over safety and crime concerns. Drug use, theft, and assault were reported, a spokesperson told The Seattle Times, but some say the closures were tied to stores' unionisation efforts, Insider reported.

As of Nov. 7, 2022, ScrapeHero estimated 15,757 Starbucks stores nationwide. If you prefer another local chain, get your last cup soon.

"After 30 years as a fixture in this beloved neighbourhood, our 30-year Lease is nearly up," the post says. "This milestone allows Ownership to consider workload and personal health, and we appreciate everyone's understanding. So, we're closing this location."

The couple said the news was "unexpected," but they didn't want to harm employees. "We are forever grateful for the support of our neighbours, customers, and staff," the post says.

New owners are moving in, but the couple didn't say if it will remain a coffee shop. The Mt. Auburn space's lease is through December, but it's being vacated early so a bakery can move in.

In November, the Darwins thanked the community and said they were "retiring" The post also confirmed that the Mt. Auburn location will close on Nov. 22 and the remaining three stores will close pending a response from Darwin's United. All locations will close before Christmas, baristas told Cambridge Day.

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