This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Kisser, Says Astrologer

Passionate kisses keep a relationship burning. While any zodiac sign can be a long-term partner, it's important to know how they kiss. Others prefer a more reserved approach. Astrology can teach you about flirting and love languages. What's romance without kisses? Discover which zodiac sign is a better-than-average kisser.

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Capricorns have unparalleled experience. Their swagger and confidence can be intimidating in the boardroom, but they kiss well. Capricorns aren't promiscuous, but they use kisses to show commitment. One peck on the lips can reassure their partner. Capricorn kisses could lead to marriage.

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Geminis love spontaneous makeouts. These social butterflies are known for their gift of gab and linguistic abilities, so they know how to talk. Geminis are always making new friends, so they've picked up a few tricks. If you can keep up with these cheeky air signs' razor-sharp wit, you'll be rewarded with a dizzying, laughter-filled smooch session until sunrise.

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Scorpios have Notebook-style, Noah and Allie love. These mysterious water signs prefer to be approached. Scorpios are possessive and primal. When you think you have the upper hand, they'll pull you into a raw, intense lip-lock. Scorpios are known for being intense, but that passion makes them great kissers.

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Fiery Sagittarius knows how to flirt to win people over. Their carefree attitude makes them good kissers. Sagittarius doesn't worry about moving too fast or coming on too strong, unlike other signs. They don't mind kissing first or what others think. They're too busy creating adventures to give you a movie-worthy makeout session.

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Venus-ruled Taurus is one of the zodiac's best kissers. What they lack in showmanship they make up for in sensuality. Taurus is known for their slow, steady relationship pace. Taurus is romantic and sensual once they're interested. You'll melt into their arms for a kiss after dinner, dancing, and drinks.

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Pisces are dreamy and romantic, making them excellent kissers. Their mutable water energy helps them understand their partners' unspoken desires. They're emotionally and physically intuitive partners. Pisces love physical touch. A shy Pisces may be playful behind closed doors.

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