Astrologers say this zodiac sign is the best cat owner.

Why is "are you a cat person or a dog person?" a popular icebreaker? Cat people are quiet, introverted, and prefer their own space, while dog people are outgoing, social, and like to explore. Astrology predicts some of them. Can it identify good pet owners? Astrologers agree. Read on to learn from a panel of experts which zodiac signs make the best cat owners, from casual cat parents to those who devote their lives to their cats.

"Cats' meticulously clean, elegant, and graceful nature makes them the perfect companion for the refined and fashionable Libra," says Masha Loddy of the tarot, astrology, and spirituality blog Pish Witch. "These air signs will truly appreciate the aesthetic look of a silky smooth Russian Blue or the dignified, glamorous Maine Coone."


Loddy says Cancerians love pampering their loved ones. Cancer gives motherly love and attention to a precious kitty.Cancer cat owners often bake treats or leave social events early to play with their pets.


"Like Capricorn, cats reward their owners for acknowledging boundaries; they will not give their affections easily, and you need to prove you are worthy before they cuddle up with you," says Hayes. Capricorns are good cat owners because they don't get mad if their pets wake them up at night.


"Cats are quiet and independent. Dog owners, who are used to being greeted and licked, don't like this trait in cat owners "Hayes. Leo wouldn't embarrass themselves with a puppyish nature either.


"Cats and Scorpios both require solitude and independence on an intense level," says Bre the Malefic, astrologer, psychic medium, and tarot reader. "A cat asking to be petted is like a Scorpio sharing a personal fact about themselves; will you shower them with adoration or will you make a mistake and have the cat and Scorpio pull away entirely?"


"Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, so it has a deep need to be comfortable at all times and will spend the time, energy, and resources ensuring its home matches this energy," says Bre. "A cat would be comfortable in this space."


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