Unique deserts to taste

Sandesh is a simple Indian dish made using just three ingredients. 

Bengali sweets require milk, lemon juice, & sugar. Pistachios are optional but desirable for presentation & crunch. 

Sandesh are wonderful for any holiday or celebration (particularly a Diwali sweets plate!). 

The Indian dessert Gulab Jamun is quite popular. Who doesn't adore rose-sugar-coated donuts? Yes, please! 

Gulab jamun is a popular Diwali dessert. Spice Craving's updated rasmalai recipe cuts cooking time in half. 

Her version is equally as good, with rasgulla (chenna or paneer steeped in sugar), milk, & spices like saffron & cardamom. Jalebi are fried, sugar-coated funnel cakes. 

They're a Northern & Western India street snack. Served with warm milk, it's a popular breakfast meal. 

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