Unknown Foods Non-Puerto Ricans miss out

Puerto Rican food is fantastic, especially on the island. There were fast food days, but dinners at home or at Bebos, Panadera Espaa, & Piones always made my gut grin. 

Mofongo, arroz con gandules, & tostones are island staples. Here are some lesser-known meals you should try. 

This flavorful snack is great for any occasion. I can never finish my meal because I eat too many of these fried ripe plantains with picadillo & cheese. 

Simple, yet presented as sophisticated. I guess a cup shape helps. When croquetas weren't available, I ate maize fritters instead. 

This fried snack was finest with cheese, although an ordinary sorullito with mayo ketchup would do. 

It's a snack you wouldn't expect to be filling, but combined with a medianoche or other sandwich, it will. 

Alcapurrias (stuffed fritters) are exactly as significant as mofongo and arroz con gandules to me. For some, that's blasphemous. 

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Unknown Foods Non-Puerto Ricans miss out

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