Unknown In-N-Out Secrets

In-N-employees Out's are well-treated. According to employees, it's easy to move ahead & get more money after starting at $10.50 per hour. 

All managers start at $100,000, plus bonuses. In-N-Out president Lynsi Snyder. 

The 35-year-old has expanded the family business while honoring her grandparents' goal. 

What you don't know about a popular burger chain. The Snyder family, founders of In-N-Out, respect & value their employees. 

To give them a sense of ownership, the chain calls them 'associates.' The benefits package is also considerable, compared to other fast food chain employers. 

As you'll see later, In-N-Out was ranked above one of the major IT companies for 'best place to work' In-N-secret Out's menu is famous. 

Some regulars know about it, some don't. There's a not-so-secret menu on their website, & a really secret menu with intriguing orders & sides.

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