The 8 Best Dog Breeds If You Work From Home, According to Vets

Working from home is a luxury in many ways: no commute, cheap healthy food, cosy sweats. Unexpectedly, we miss our coworkers. Home offices are difficult and lonely. A four-legged colleague can provide attention and camaraderie without annoying phone calls. Not every breed's resume is impressive. You may want to avoid high-energy dogs and hire a calmer pet. Veterinarians recommended the best dogs for the job. Learn the eight best dog breeds for home-based workers.


According to Holistapet's Deepanshu Bedi, the Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds. They're quiet, hypoallergenic, and easily trained. Litterbox-trained! They're friendly with all ages and "will snuggle while you work."


Jenna Mahan, a veterinary technician and claims director for Embrace Pet Insurance, says despite their racey reputation, "Most Greyhounds favour to sleep on the couch under a blanket. They're quiet, clean, and gentle."


Small dogs make good office companions because they can sleep in your lap. Aaron Rice, a dog trainer at Stayyy, says Maltese are popular with home-based workers. "Small, quiet dogs that don't need much space. They're intelligent and easy to train, making them a great home companion."


In keeping with the smaller-is-better theme, Linda Simon, veterinary surgeon and consultant at FiveBarks, votes for the chihuahua—the world's smallest dog breed. "Working from home, you'll want a partner with certain traits. You don't want a needy or noisy dog. You'll want a dog who can entertain himself and isn't too mischievous."

Great Dane

Nobody likes small dogs. Great Danes make good work companions if you'd rather go big. These "couch potatoes" are fine with a daily walk, says Mahan. "They don't get excited unless someone new pets them. Their mellow nature makes them quiet and trainable, making them a top big dog breed for home workers, provided they have room to nap." Make sure your home office can fit your desk and their dog bed.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are great all-around dogs, says SpiritDog Training vet Corinne Wigfall. "They'll sit at your feet and keep you company all day" She notes that Labs require 40 minutes of daily exercise, but this "will help you get out of the house and top up your step count after your work day" Labs are friendly, easy to train, and good with kids and other dogs.

Golden Retriever

Veterinary epidemiologist and researcher Stephanie Venn-Watson says a remote worker's dog should be calm and active. "You want them to be calm enough not to distract you at work but active enough to walk with you. A furry walking companion encourages exercise."

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