Walmart and Kroger Ban This Today.

Walmart and Kroger are retail powerhouses. They have most of your grocery and household needs. However, a major policy change at Walmart and Kroger may affect you, whether you shop at either store. Companies are banning to address a shortage. Find out what Walmart and Kroger won't allow.

The Wall Street Journal reported on April 12 that Walmart and Kroger limit baby formula purchases. At the FDA's request, Walmart shoppers in most states can only buy five containers of formula per day, according to a spokesperson (FDA). Walmart's online marketplace appears unrestricted.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kroger has not specified its quantity limits. On Kroger's website, all baby formula products have a four-unit limit. The company warns online that some products have quantity restrictions due to high demand.

CBS News reported that retailers are capping baby formula sales due to a growing shortage. Datasembly, a Virginia-based research firm, recently analysed supplies at more than 11,000 U.S. stores and found that 29% of the most popular baby formula brands were sold out as of March 13. Datasembly reports an increase from 11% in November 2021.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a recall by Abbott Laboratories, a major baby formula manufacturer, exacerbated the shortage. Abbott voluntarily recalled certain batches of powdered Similac, Alimentum,

EleCare formula made at its Sturgis, Michigan plant on February 17. After one infant died and four were hospitalised, the manufacturer expanded the recall in March.

On April 9, USA Today reported Walgreens' baby formula cap. The company said shoppers can only buy three infant and toddler formula products per transaction "to help improve inventory" at this drug store chain.

The Wall Street Journal reported quantity restrictions at Target and CVS on April 12. The news outlet reported that Target declined to comment on its purchasing limits, but CVS said it now limits shoppers to three baby formula products in stores and online.

"We now limit online and in-store purchases to three baby formula products due to supplier issues and customer demand. We're working with our baby formula vendors to resolve this issue and apologise for any inconvenience "a CVS spokesperson told Insider.

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