Walmart Is Closing Stores in These Locations

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In the following weeks, Walmarts will close in many states. One business in Barnwell, South Carolina, has already closed.

The Walmart store was briefly closed on Oct. 28 "due to an emergency situation," according to a Facebook post.

Walmart is "assessing any damage and reopening as soon as feasible," according to a post. The Walmart Barnwell Facebook verified this on Oct. 29: 

"Your local Barnwell is still closed to consumers, but all associates should report on your usual shift. Thank you for your patience, we will reopen shortly."

Walmart consumers face more than temporary closures. Pittsburgh's only Walmart will close soon, Action News 4 reported on Oct. 24.

A Walmart spokeswoman confirmed that the Waterworks shopping mall on Freeport Road would close on Nov. 11.

Walmart spokesperson Felicia McCranie told Action News 4 that the company will continue to assist store leadership and employees in Pittsburgh.

McCranie told CBS News that Walmart closed its Pittsburgh shop after reviewing its finances. "This choice was not made lightly," she remarked.

"Our decision is based on history and present financial performance and follows our goal to shut underperforming sites."

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