What Nail Polish You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Personal style is subjective. It's fun to express yourself through your wardrobe and makeup, whether you prefer classics or experiment. Summer is the perfect time for a new manicure/pedicure. Astrology can help you decide how to decorate your nails. Your zodiac sign can reveal much about you. Find out what zodiac sign nail polish you should wear.

Aries: Ruby Red Polish

Aries are bold leaders who aren't afraid to try new trends or bold colours. You're always on the go, so a simple, classic design is best. A ruby-red polish will show off your fun, playful side. Red is your power colour, so you'll feel confident no matter your mischief.

Taurus: Classic French Manicure

Taurus is loyal and trustworthy. Taurus prefers to stick with what works, unlike other signs. You like classics. KJ Atlas, a professional astrologer, says Taurus is beautiful. "You need a style that's gorgeous, intentional, and effortless." Taurus likes a glossy French manicure. Simple, effortless, and beautiful.

Gemini: Rainbow

Geminis are adaptable and quick-witted. You love to treat yourself but have trouble choosing and get bored easily. You like to be unique in beauty and fashion. You prefer options over blindly following trends. You'll want versatile nail polish. Try a multicoloured polish to reflect your colourful personality. You'll never be bored with so many colours.

Cancer: Opalescent Pearl

Your sensitive and intuitive nature leads you to make emotional choices. You like familiar things. Water signs are emotional and enjoy nostalgia. You may be the first to bring back popular nail polish colours from the past, like a sweet opalescent pearl shade to show your softness. "Always caring for others, Cancer needs a chic, easy-to-maintain style," says Atlas. This pearl shade reflects your calm and serene energy, making it the perfect polish.

Leo: Custom Ombre

Leo, your good looks deserve nail polish that shows off your confidence and style. You'll take any chance to stand out. Leo always adds colour. As a Sun sign, you prefer warm, deep colours. You should wear nail polish that highlights your natural beauty. If you're looking for nail inspiration, try a custom ombre. Color-changing claws are eye-catching.

Virgo: Pretty in Pink

Virgo, you're known for being direct and grounded. You're always moving and never want to stop. You're busy and need a manicure that lasts. "Virgo makes a minimalist style seem maximalist," says Atlas. "You like to show-off without being too showy." As long as the style looks good and is easy to maintain, it's perfect for Virgo, who's too busy for salon visits. Virgo looks great with blush pink or nude nails.

Libra: Embellished French Manicure

Libra, you're gorgeous. You've probably tried most nail polish styles. You're not afraid to try new things as an air sign. Ruled by Venus, you don't mind spending extra time primping, so a high-maintenance style may suit you. Like you, Libras like bubbly, bold nail polish. Why not glam up the classic french manicure? It's classic, stylish, and Hollywood-glam.

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