Why Pomegranate Is Considered To Be A Symbolic Food

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The Jewish New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah, will begin this coming Sunday, September 25, at sundown. 

Food, particularly dishes with significant meanings, plays an important role in the celebrations. 

That take place during this time of year when family get together to celebrate at their homes. 

Apples that have been doused in honey are likely the most common delicacy linked with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. These apples are meant to represent wishes for a sweet new year. 

On Rosh Hashanah, the traditional braided bread known as challah takes the form of a circular loaf. 

This shape is meant to represent the never-ending circle of life that is celebrated during other Jewish festivals & ceremonies. 

Rosh Hashanah, which literally translates to "head of the year," is celebrated by many families by setting the table with a cooked fish head. 

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