Your Guilty Pleasure, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Nothing wrong with sneaking an extra slice of cake or singing in the shower. We think it's time to embrace harmless vices as part of what makes us unique. Best Life's resident astrologer shared each sign's guilty pleasure. Scroll down to find out if you're more likely to hit snooze, eat ice cream before dinner, or look for your ex online. No judgement here!

Aries: Sleeping in late

Even someone as focused as you needs a break to relax and recharge, which is why you sleep all weekend with your phone on "do not disturb." Aries, there's no shame in getting beauty sleep.

Taurus: Shopping online

Taurus is the most reliable and practical zodiac sign. Big decisions and "mature" choices come naturally to you. You value honesty, so it's hard to imagine you have a guilty pleasure to hide.

Gemini: Ordering takeout

Only going to the grocery store might not get done. After a long day, you lack the energy to cook. You probably order your favourite comfort food for dinner and watch Netflix when you get home.

Cancer: Binging reality TV

You understand the importance of going into hermit mode and unplugging from the world. This gives you time to relax and watch reality TV dramas and celebrity gossip shows. Popcorn, please!

Leo: Getting dressed

Leos have a reputation to live up to (or so you believe). You live for a chance to strut your stuff and will take any opportunity to be in the limelight. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your calendar is empty and you have no reason to get all dolled up—or do you?

Virgo: Social media searching

You're a bit of an introvert, Virgo, but that doesn't mean you aren't paying attention to everything around you. In fact, you love using your status as a wallflower to blend into any scenario and get the scoop. And sometimes, you can't help but take your powers of perception to social media.

Libra: Eating dessert before dinner

Being a balanced and harmonious sign means indulging occasionally. Nobody is perfect, so don't feel bad about giving in to temptation sometimes, especially when that dessert calls your name. If you eat cake before dinner, we won't tell.

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