Your Zodiac sign's living room colour

Want to paint your living room but can't decide? Nobody's alone. This is the room you spend the most time in (while awake), so it's important. It's tempting to choose a colour based on what's trending on Instagram, but you'll be happier choosing a personal favourite. We asked Best Life's astrologer what colour each zodiac sign's living room should be. Keep scrolling to see if grey or lavender walls suit you.

Aries: Maroon

Red is your go-to colour for rest and relaxation. It's your power colour, so it helps you feel calm and grounded despite your fiery personality. Dark maroon is set to make a comeback in design—perfect for a trendsetter like you.

Taurus: Moss Green

As an earth sign, you share a connection with nature that you want to bring indoors–so opt for moss-green walls that'll make your living room feel like a moody moonlit forest. Green represents abundance, luck, and prosperity, which aligns with Taurus' indulgent nature. Plus, it's your power color, so it'll help you feel settled and focused.

Gemini: Yellow

Geminis are outgoing, bubbly, and spontaneous. While others are stuck in their ways, you're always pushing yourself to try new things and explore the world. You're not afraid of changing your mind (or changing it again!), and you don't let the small stuff get you down.

Cancer: Blush Pink

You could truly care less about design trends; your top priority is curating the perfect cozy and serene aesthetic. We recommend going for a blush pink paint to infuse your living room with some self-love vibes. This romantic and dreamy color is sure to speak to your sensitive soul and remind you that it's okay to put yourself first sometimes.

Leo: Purple

Leos are known for their warm-hearted nature and positive energy that others find contagious. Something about the way you carry yourself and command attention leaves people hanging on your every word. You're doing your own thing and don't care who's watching (actually, the bigger the audience, the better).

Virgo: Beige

You prefer to fly under the radar, Virgo. You have excellent self-control and make well-considered decisions, not impulsive ones. You care less about style when making design choices and more about value.

Libra: Gold

Though some might assume pink would be the best paint color for your living room, we suggest something a bit more unexpected, like warm gold. It's a perfect match for your airs of beauty, charm, elegance, and sophistication. And it will help remind you that investing in yourself will have great payouts.

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